"Working with Maisie at Design Virtue has been a serious game-changer for me. Maisie has helped me streamline my programs and organize my internal structure to maximize efficiency through providing detailed analysis of my operations. I would highly recommend having her as part of your team."

-Sarah Lillie Anderson, Senior Manager, Tree Equity, American Forests

"I am unaware of anything Maisie cannot do. While she is known for her superior knowledge in urban forestry, she is one of the most skilled presenters, facilitators, and leaders I have ever worked with. She commands a room using her wit and humor, and everything Maisie touches turns to pure gold."

-Erica Young, Training & Organizational Development, Society for Human Resource Management

"Maisie epitomizes leadership. I do not know anyone who is more intellectually curious and committed to identifying lasting creative solutions. She is also an expert facilitator and inspires those around her to be the best version of themselves. You want to make sure Maisie is on your team!"

- Janine Berger, Environmental Compliance Manager, Chemonics International

"Working with Maisie is truly a joy. Her wealth of knowledge, insight, and love for her projects make her excellent at her job. If everyone worked with the passion and skill that she does, the world would be a much better place! "

- Paulette A. Tull, U.S. Department of Energy 

"Maisie is the consummate environmentalist and champion for the people without voices. She is also an expert on all things green. She is admired in the community for her tenacity and brilliance. She connects people to the earth very graciously." 

-Brenda Lee Richardson, MSW, Chozen Consulting, LLC

"From the time I began working with Maisie, I immediately recognized her extraordinary talent as a public speaker and workshop facilitator. She has a way of commanding a room with competence and star power." 

-Karen Nozik, City Parks Alliance

"Maisie has been an amazing mentor. She is by far the best boss I have ever had. I really appreciate her management style, which allowed me to grow and advance my skillset in both hard, technical skills, as well as critical thinking skills and project management. Maisie allowed me to see my strengths and excel as a team member in the workplace, and also as a stronger more confident individual in my profession. "

- Emily Oaksford, AECOM

"As a talented trainer, Ms. Hughes quickly identifies the best methods to motivate and empower attendees, blending real-world problem-solving techniques with interactive learning exercises. Do not miss this golden opportunity. Your team will exponentially improve in all critical component areas."

-Darrick Nicholas, President, 13 Communications