Who We Are

Maisie Hughes, Principal

Maisie  is the principal of Rhetorical Virtue LLC, a training and consulting firm that helps “do-gooders do better” by providing creative solutions, program support, and training for mission focused organizations. Maisie pays obsessive attention to the work and putting together to best team to to deliver high quality outcomes. She brings decades of award wining leadership to her projects. She is currently working with clients to create a ladder to employment that will yield full time urban forestry careers and diversify the urban forestry workforce. As a 2018 Landscape Architecture Foundation Fellow for Innovation and Leadership, Maisie is using film to explore what landscapes need to be to feel welcoming for all people.

Maisie is an ISA Certified Arborist, with master’s degree in landscape architecture from Morgan State University and a Bachelors of Arts in Afro American studies from Howard University.

Expertise: Sustainability, program development and delivery, community engagement, training, facilitation, urban design, arboriculture, landscape architecture, professional and workforce development, and diversity, equity and inclusion.

Fauzia Khan, MD

Fauzia is a global and public health leader who has worked tirelessly to improve health outcomes for improvised communities around the world and to create effective laws and policies in the United States at the Federal and State level.   Fauzia works to resolve health disparities for women, children, and the elderly and address climate change as a public health issue. She also led initiatives to reduce HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria in Pakistan and several countries in Africa.

Fauzia has a master’s degree in public health from Emory University, Medical degree from the National University of Sciences and Technology and a certificate in health in complex emergencies from the Rollins School of Public Health/Centers for Disease Control. 

Expertise: Sustainability, public policy, medicine, global health leadership, and international development. Fauzia is fluent in English, Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi.

Suraj Sazawal

Suraj is a writer and advocate focusing on protecting political expression and increasing the operational space for humanitarian actors that address the root causes of poverty and conflict.  He serves as the North America representative for the CIVICUS Monitor, a global platform that tracks the state of civil society freedoms around the world. He is a co-author of Civil Society Under Strain: Counter-Terrorism Policy, Civil Society, and Aid Post 9/11, the first book to examine how the War on Terror impacts humanitarian aid.  He serves on the board of local and national organizations working to make the promise of the Bill of Rights a reality for all.  Suraj has a master’s degree in public policy with a specialization in national security from George Mason University and Bachelor degrees in History and International Relations from the University of Virginia.

Alexis Goggans

Alexis is on a mission to co-create a more conscious, equitable and sustainable world by working at the intersection of human development, strategic planning and social impact. As a climate justice advocate, experienced facilitator and a skilled personal coach she is the mind behind Be Bold Services LLC, providing coaching, facilitation and project support to individuals and organizations working for social good.

Alexis previously managed community engagement for multi-million dollar land use projects, lead Washington D.C.'s greenhouse gas inventory and created environmental justice campaigns. Alexis leads with compassion and authenticity-- believing wholeheartedly that creating a better world demands that we dismantle oppressive systems and create bold new ways of living, working and being.

Alexis studied environmental history at the University of Colorado at Boulder and obtained a master of science in interdisciplinary sustainability studies from the University of Texas at Arlington. She is currently studying with the Goal Imagery Institute to obtain her professional certified coach accreditation. 

Kendra Hyson

Kendra has a passion for community engagement and enthusiasm for social equity and sustainability applied through culturally sensitive design. Her time working in the public sector for the DC Department of Parks and Recreation and the private realm of commercial landscape architecture has helped shaped her creative and collaborative approach to urban design challenges. She is a 2015 Landscape Architecture Foundation Olmsted Scholar. 

Kendra has a Masters of Landscape Architecture from the University of Arizona and a Bachelors in Studio Art from Spelman College.